Welcome back! It’s been 4 months since we had to close. WOW. This as been the longest time away from the gym that we’ve ever had.

We’ve evolved, and we think everyone is going to like it. We’ve changed to a CrossFit class format. This is the way most CrossFit gyms around the world have been doing their workouts since it started. This is a small group format that is structured to help each individual get the most out of their time at the gym under the watchful eyes of the coach.

We’ll start the class off with a briefing that will let you know how the workout will pan out with suggestions on scaling and logistics. Next we’ll go through a general warm-up and then a specific warm-up, focusing on the skills utilized in the WOD. Then it’s onto the WOD. After the workout we will generally have time to work on a designated skill or a strength workout. Finally we’ll finish off with a nice cool-down.

All this planned out in a 50min class. We’ll oversee the workout and keep you motivated and pushing yourselves.

We’re excited to get back at it and to get everyone into great shape!