I have a special needs son.  A boy who is very nervous to get involved in anything.  Greg has been a huge part of his life.  My son has grown over the last 5 years into a boy who has much more confidence.  He loves the martial arts and Greg has always been patient with him yet balancing it with the right amount of challenge.  He has instilled discipline, respect and most importantly perseverance for a child who would give up very easily.  I would highly recommend Premier Martial Arts. – Kathy


Since joining CrossFit, I have improved my cardio and strength but the biggest change for me is that I feel better. I also lost 2” around my waist and 10 lbs which I didn’t think I would because I wasn’t over weight. – Peter

Peter V.

I can now do many things I never thought possible.  Pull ups and toes to bar were very exciting to be able to do.   I have always struggled, and still am, to lift heavy weights, but I have achieved many things beyond my expectations, and hope to do many more! – Val 

Val B.

I’m now 53 years old and have been doing Crossfit for 4 years, I’m certainly not young but I feel like I can do anything.  Since starting Crossfit my whole body has changed shape; I have lost over 4 sizes. Everything is stronger but the best feeling is the strength in my core, this helps me in so many ways, like lifting, standing and  sitting. My strong core helps my posture I now stand tall.   I used to have a lot of shoulder trouble but since I’ve built so much strength in it I no longer have pain or problems.  

My self confidence has improved too! Each time I push myself through a tough workout I feel proud and accomplished.  Workouts that I’d look at and think ouch I can’t do this but with the push of our coach we can and it is one of the best feelings once you’re done. This confidence stays with you as you continue.  No more beating yourself up for not exercising.  – Teresa C.

Teresa C.