Martial Arts Videos

White Belt to Yellow Belt Patterns:

Chon-ji  20 movements

Yellow Belt to Green Belt Patterns:

Dan-gun 21 movements,  Do-san 24 movements

 Green Belt to Blue Belt Patterns

Won-hyo 28 movements,  Yul-kuk 36 movements

Blue Belt to Red Belt Patterns

Joong-gun 32 movements,  Toi-gye 37 movements

Red Belt to 1st Degree Black Belt Patterns

Hwa-rang 29 movements,  Choong-moo 30 movements

“On the Ground” Video Series

Guard to Back Mount Transition                                               Mounted Triangle Choke

Sneaky Counter to the Arm Bar Defense                                  Arm Bar from Guard

Triangle Choke from Guard                                                          Back Mount Arm Bar

Rear Naked Choke                                                                          The Kimura

Breaking Guard

Stand-up Techniques

The Twisting Kick