REFLEX Self Defense

Self Defense for a Complicated World !

In today’s society self defense is a required skill. Violence is happening to more and more people every day. Statistics say that one in 10 people will have to deal with a violent confrontation in their lives. If you happen to be number 10 what will you do? Do you have the skill set to defend yourself when the chips are stacked against you? We can help prepare you for a potential confrontation.

The REFLEX system is the result of numerous years of studying violence in society. Working closely with law enforcement and military we have developed a system of self defense that is easy, fast and effective.

REFLEX is an acronym for R-recognise, E-evaluate, F-focus, L-look for alternatives, and EX-extinguish. These are all essential parts conflict management.

We have numerous seminar and small group formats available for the REFLEX system. These range from Women’s Streetwise Survival to our CRD (Comply, Restrain, Defend) course for law enforcement and security personnel. Street Awareness for Teens is a highschool targeted course which we can perform at your school. We can also develop custom courses for you or your business. Private lessons are also available on any number of subjects.

Street Awareness for Teens

Street Awareness for Teens is a secondary school targeted program for male and female students. This program teaches the basics of mental and physical defense. Students are exposed to the realities of the street and how confrontations can unfold. Students learn to detect a threat, de-escalate the situation, and defend themselves when needed. This program has been performed in several schools with well over 300 students having participated thus far. Street Awareness for Teens is available in a 2.5 hour and a 4 hour clinic format. If your school is interested in this program please contact us.

Street Awareness for Women

In today’s society a woman must be constantly aware of her surroundings. Awareness of potential dangers is essential for any woman and is the foundation of our Street Awareness for Women workshops. In these seminars women learn to Detect, Defuse and Defend in a variety of common scenarios including verbal confrontations and physical assault. Participants learn how to manage fear and increase confidence while gaining valuable life saving skills. Street Awareness for Women is available in a 4 hour clinic format. This is one of our most requested workshops.

Comply-Restrain-Defend (CRD)

Law enforcement personnel have the toughest and sometimes the most dangerous careers. Dealing with people that have no respect for themselves and others can pose a significant threat for everyone around them. It is a police officers job to deal with these threats within the parameters of the use of force continuum. CRD teaches police and security officers the proper techniques needed in their high risk professions. Gun retention, tactical shooting utilizing airsoft weapons to increase realism, compliance techniques, restraint techniques, and practical self defense from unarmed and armed attacks. This is a modular course and can be completely modified for each agencies criteria. CRD can be taught to agencies or to small groups of officers who are interested in keeping themselves in touch with the dangers of the street. Make the choice to keep yourself alive.

REFLEX Street Survival

The REFLEX Street Survival workshop is our core program. This course focuses on one thing. Survival. Through the use of scenarios students are taught to work in a non-scripted survival situation. They learn how to deal with their opponent(s) and their environment. Weapons are a large part of street culture in today’s society and they are coverd in depth in this course. Everything from knives, guns and sticks to implemented weapons. The REFLEX Street Survival course is completely customizable to the clients needs. Examples include: dealing with multiple opponents, weapons survival, groundfighting, rape survival and many more. This a great course for everyone to take. Get your friends together and book a time slot. This is one of our most highly recommended courses available as it is developed for the clients needs. You are a VIP, be your own bodyguard.

How real is your Self Defense training?