I subscribe to many blogs on a variety of topics not related to fitness. I tend to skim and delete most emails within a few minutes because I am an “in-box zero” kind of person. Ugh, digital clutter! So you can imagine just how important an email has to be for me to flag it.Show up

I am a big fan of James Clear. I enjoy his writing style and find his blogs to be smart and insightful. On August 22 his most recent blog post landed in my in-box with a quote from Tim Grover, some NBA trainer dude I’ve never heard of. Ok, so not just any NBA trainer, but one who has worked with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and Michael Jordan. What set the synapses on fire was this quote:

“I don’t care how much you can lift, how fast you can run, how many pull-ups you can do, or whether you can hit a three while blindfolded. There are only three things I ask of every client… Show up, work hard, and listen. That’s it. It requires no talent, no special genetics, or any skill whatsoever to show up, work hard, and listen.”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Show up, work hard and listen. It is the easiest thing in the world and yet for a lot of people it’s akin to asking for a kidney. “You want me to do what? You mean you won’t just give it to me because…well…because…”

Show up. Work hard. Listen. These five words have been rattling around my head as we set the class roster for the new martial arts season. Greg and I have a good idea which kids are not returning. They’re the ones who don’t show up, and when they do, don’t work hard. They’re the ones who don’t listen. These are also the same kids who are one belt, one stripe or one test do-over away from a Black belt. All they had to do was show up, work hard and listen.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. And it isn’t limited to the martial arts. How many of you reading this blog post have been on hiatus from the gym? How many of you have let healthy habits slide into an abyss of junk food and beer? It’s pretty easy to let one missed workout become two and then an entire summer. It’s also pretty easy to let one bowl of ice cream become an all-you-can-eat crapfest.

September is all about renewed focus on goals.  But you’ve got to want it. If you’re looking for a life hack to short-circuit the whole show up, work hard and listen thing, you’re going to be searching forever. And you’re wasting our time. If you are willing to show up, work hard and listen then we’ll help you in every possible way.

By Nyree Segui RHN

Nyree is owner of Premier Martial Arts/Grand River CrossFit. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, CrossFit LVL1 certified and an Elite Trainers with the ISSA.