It’s Prize WOD Time With a Twist!

Winning stuff is fun! That’s why we love our prize wods. They offer a little incentive to take on a workout that may be out of your comfort zone.  This month we’re changing things up with a team prize wod. As we say, misery loves company!

Teams Only!

In teams of three, with one person working at a time, and dividing the work as necessary, complete the following for time:

100 Calorie row

75 Burpees over barPrize WOD

50 Squat cleans 115lbs/85lbs

100 V-sits

50 Squat cleans 115lbs/85lbs

75 Burpees over bar

100 Calorie row

It’s A Chipper!

This is a chipper! That means you cannot move on to the next exercise until the one you are working on is completed. Remember, only one person is working at a time. This gives you ample rest in order to give maximum effort. I do believe the F-bombs will be flying!

You choose your own team. Like all workouts, loads can be scaled. If you are working with a scaled partner you can set up two bars and complete your reps according to your ability.

All three members of your team will be entered in a draw to each win a $25 gift card to our favourite store, the LCBO.

Good Luck!

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