We are excited to offer a new addition to our nutrition coaching. It is the link between the solid nutrition principles we teach and the cognitive behaviour therapy that is missing from every nutrition program out there.  In our experience nutrition coaching isn’t just about the food. It’s about lifestyle habits, our attitudes towards food and how we deal with stress.  Enter ProCoach!

We all have a smartphone within reach all the time. With ProCoach we give you the information you need to build lifelong healthy habits in a way that is geared to your goals and work for your lifestyle. Even though this is an online platform, it isn’t a “one size fits all” program. Through this process you are creating an “Owner’s Manual” for your body, so that you know what works for you in your life.

And it allows us to do what we do best: offer personalized feedback and encouragement every step of the way.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Building the foundation and mastering the central principles of healthy habits

Mastering the fundamentals is essential.  It’s like wanting to compete at the CrossFit Games, but you can’t do a single strict pull-up. You’re not going to make it! It’s the same with nutrition. You’ve got to master the central principles of healthy habits, work on your mindset and do so consistently before you can attempt more advanced skills. With ProCoach you revisit fundamental habits over and over until they are second nature.

Mindset is the missing link

How we think about food plays a significant role in our overall well-being.  Developing a healthy mindset is essential. Think about the last time you did a 20-day sugar detox or a five day cleanse. What did you learn? You learned to obsess about the foods you were missing. You learned to associate certain foods as being “good” and others as being “bad.” In fact you probably felt “guilty” for “cheating” during your 20-day detox.  You didn’t learn how to prepare veggies in a new way or how to grocery shop. And you sure didn’t learn a little self-compassion. That isn’t effective for long-term, sustainable change. With ProCoach we can teach you tools to develop a healthy relationship with food.

We go beyond the meal plan

Meal plans are an industry standard that doesn’t work long term. Where five day cleanses and 20 day detox plans fail in creating a healthy mindset toward food, meal plans fail in teaching practical skills. A meal plan is nothing more than a template at best. They don’t teach you how to plan your own meals or how to grocery shop effectively. Habit-based nutrition coaching is all about teaching you the skills you need to create healthy habits that work for your lifestyle without overwhelming you with a lot of change at once. It’s about building on skills a little at a time.

Mastering new habits takes time

Our four-week and three-month nutrition coaching plans have been successful and many of you have learned valuable nutrition skills. And many of you have reverted back to old habits. It takes time to master new habits. That’s where ProCoach and a 12-month coaching program make all the difference.

Why a year? Life gets busy and one month you may be going along just fine and then the next things go a little off the rails. Or you think you have one habit mastered only to realize you need to revisit this same habit a few months down the line. A year’s worth of daily and weekly coaching allows you to deal with the reality that life gets busy and that developing healthy habits takes a lot of practice. And since there are 24 habits to learn and nearly 300 lessons, a year is necessary for you to truly be in charge of your health.

It’s time to take charge of your health!

With this platform we’re in your ear gently reminding you to practice your daily habits, offering feedback and encouragement. It’s about support and accountability every step of the way.