Mobility. Everyone needs it, but most of us are not doing much to improve it. We’re offering up a series of videos over the next few weeks with simple techniques that incorporate the foam roller and bands. These exercises are designed to be a part of either your warm-up or cool down.


We tend to take for granted the ability to squat, walk or lift with ease. And yet there are times when even for the most fit that these basic movements are a little difficult. Mobility drills like the ones we will be showing offer a chance to work out tight spots that will impact your workout. A common mistake is to take a scattergun approach to mobility work. Athletes will spend a significant portion of their warm-up rolling on the foam roller or stretching out with bands with no purpose. The goal with mobility drills is to target specific areas. They take only a few minutes and should be targeted to the workout. In other words, if your workout is push press your mobility drills should target the shoulder girdle and upper back. There is no need to spend ten minutes foam rolling the quads before a shoulder workout. Targeted mobility before and after a workout is a better use of your time. Save the scattergun mobility approach for rest days.