Getting to the gym is hard. Eating healthy is hard. Yeah, so is putting on your socks in the morning if regular movement isn’t your thing. If you’re going to do one thing in 2020, be consistent.

Being good at something requires you to be at least consistent at showing up. That’s the first step. Show up, again and again. Not today and then fourteen days later. See the problem?

Set aside time in your schedule for the tasks you want to be consistent with. Don’t negotiate with yourself. Set the time and stick to it. After a few weeks of doing this, guess what? You’re building consistency.

Whether it’s getting to the gym or eating healthy consistency is king. You can do this. Get out your calendar and put in the tasks right now you want to become consistent with. If you want to get to the gym 3 days per week, write them in. If you want to get more vegetables in your diet, write in your menu plans for the week with lots of vegetables. Stick to your guns. Build that consistency.

By Greg Segui, CFL1, PN1, SSC

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