From the Archives: CrossFit & Competition

Who is your biggest competition? Everyone talks about the competitive side of CrossFit. CrossFit and competition go together, don’t they? Some like it, some don’t, and that’s okay. It’s not high on my priorities. I used to be a professional athlete; my days of high performance athletics are way behind me. But I do love to compete against myself.competition

What do you mean Greg? It’s simple. I do a workout for me. If I get a good time or a lot of rounds then great. Next time I do that workout I will work at doing better. If I feel like I sucked at that particular workout then I analyze why it sucked for me. Next time I will do better.

You don’t have to compete against everyone on the board for every WOD. That’s a sure way to get discouraged. CrossFit isn’t about winning or losing. CrossFit is about improving. Every workout you complete means you are getting fitter and better. I know I have been getting fitter. The first time I attempted Fran it took me over 10 minutes. The last time it was 4:37. I beat my score. I have been consistently improving ever since I started CrossFit. I bet you have too.

So take a look at your notebook. Pick an old workout or two and see if you can’t beat your previous score. It’s a great way to stay motivated.

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