It’s fun to take the workout outside. It’s even better when you support your local Rotary Club at the same time. Saturday Greg and I swapped our Premier Martial Arts/Grand River CrossFit sweaters in favour of our Rotary ones.

The 3rd Dunnville Urban Challenge took place this past Saturday under beautiful sunny skies. Participants had two hours to travel on foot to over 20 checkpoints highlighting local history and greenspaces. This year’s Urban Challenge featured the newly rehabilitated Thompson Creek Eco Centre. This project is more than two decades in the making! Dan Mackay, Debbie Thomas and volunteers with Ducks Unlimited and the Dunnville Horticultural Society have done a tremendous job of turning this neglected area into a vibrant grassland. The Rotary Club of Dunnville’s long-term goal is to build two observation platforms. The first will be an accessible platform just off the paved path ideal for residents of Grandview Lodge to enjoy nature. A second elevated platform will be constructed along the Tallgrass trail overlooking the entire marsh.

Our members were well represented again! Team Madill was the first to arrive, but missed a couple of clues so ended up second overall. The dynamic team of Karen, Toni, Jen D and Kelly cruised in to a second place time, but because they got more clue checkpoints correct they ended up winning. Charlene and Jeanette were five points behind Dr. Bob Perry’s team while Team Greenhalgh, with two kids in a stroller, came in fifth.

The Urban Challenge wouldn’t be a challenge without one team messing something up. That distinction goes to Teresa and Fiona, aka “The Weight Buffet.” Greg happened to be driving around taking photos when he spotted them taking a selfie in front of the wrong school. “It’s the school right in front of your house Fiona!” We’re going to have to have a map-reading tutorial before next year’s challenge.

We have the best members ever! This is the third year for the Urban Challenge and you’ve supported it every time. Our goal with the Urban Challenge is to showcase our beautiful town, support the Rotary Club and get people outside enjoying a little fitness in a fun way. Thank you for representing our CrossFit family and sharing our passion for our community at large.