Have you signed up for the CrossFit Open Team Intramurals? Last year’s challenge was a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to doing it again. Here’s why you need to do it:

  • With three teams this year’s competition will be three times as much fun. Kelly’s going to have to work to keep her title.

  • You don’t have to do the workouts as rx’d. Chances are we’re going to have to scale some of the Open wods to match the capabilities of our athletes.

  • You only have to do two workouts per week and they can be on any day.

  • It’s only $10 to participate and that includes a bonus sixth team workout party with beer and munchies.

Here is how the points will work:

  • 10 points for performing the Open workout on Friday night. You’ll earn 5 bonus points for performing the workout rx’d.

  • 5 points for performing the Open workout any other time from Friday to Wednesday. 2 bonus points for performing the workout rx’d.

  • There will be one extra points workout per week. Points will vary depending on the workout. This workout will be posted early in the week and you will have all week to do it.

  • 5 points for posting your score on Track My PR. That means an additional 10 points for your team whether you are scaled or rx’d.

The CrossFit Open Team Intramurals is for all abilities. It’s about having fun, cheering each other on and challenging our fitness.