When I watched the 19.3 Open Workout announcement on Thursday night last week, I chuckled. Actually I laughed out loud because the first thing that came to was that there was going to be a lot of bitching and moaning over this one. I was right too.19.3

19.3 included weighted walking lunges, weighted step-ups, strict hand-stand push ups and hand stand walking. Not your average CrossFit workout. But guess what, we’re not average. Would you have been more surprised if the movements were biceps curls, dumbbell flyes and jumping jacks for time? Sure handstands are hard. They’re another one of those skills you need to practice.

This workout was challenging even in it’s scaled form. Our Rx’d athletes did the scaled version which was “our” Rx’d version. It was tough! No if, ands, or but’s about it. Our scaled version of 19.3 was challenging also.

Again I was amazed how many of you rose to the occasion. Laurie, Jen P, Kathy and our new athletes, Mandy and Amy and Rick did extremely well. What a great introduction to the CrossFit Open. I am so impressed with all my veterans also. Two more Open workouts to go. What will they be? We can only dream that they might be something that is in everyone’s wheelhouse.