The Axe Kick

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The axe kick is widely used in the Korean martial arts. It's also a staple for a lot of point tournament fighters. It's a powerful kick that can cause a lot of damage to the body. It takes a while [...]

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Testing and the Martial Arts: Failure is an Option

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As I prepare for Black Belt testing this weekend, I thought I would write about testing and the martial arts. Testing and exams are things that bring panic to many people. Stress builds up and performance takes a dive. Learning [...]

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Are the Martial Arts Right for Me?

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. Are the martial arts right for me? This is a question I was asked recently and my first thought was to answer, the martial arts are right for everyone. But I didn't answer the question this way. [...]

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Living Defensively: Street Safety

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Street safety is extremely important in this day and age. The streets in many municipalities are not as safe as they once were. With a lack of police presence in our small towns more people seem to be loitering on [...]

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The Hook Kick

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In my fighting career I had a record of 24 wins, 3 losses and 9 knockouts. All nine of my knockouts came from the hook kick. I saw the hook kick performed by Bill "Superfoot" Wallace when I was about [...]

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