You Need to be Able to Defend Yourself!

By |2018-09-21T08:22:29-04:00September 24th, 2018|Martial Arts, Workouts|

Self defense is one of those things that a lot of people don’t seem to think they need to know. “What are the chances that I’ll get attacked?” I hear this line all the time. What are the chances you’ll [...]

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Fight Choreography Class!

By |2017-10-22T19:17:16-04:00October 23rd, 2017|Martial Arts, Workouts|

On Saturday the Black Belt Club got to work on fight choreography. We had seven students show up for a crash course on pulling punches and making fights for the movies. We started class with a talk about why martial [...]

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Martial Arts & Movie Fight Scenes

By |2017-10-13T08:51:57-04:00October 16th, 2017|Martial Arts, Workouts|

Movie fight scenes can go from blah to amazing in two seconds, but are they realistic? This week I am doing a Fight Choreography class with the Black Belt Club kids. Don’t you just love watching the fight scenes in [...]

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